June 18, 2021

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Virtual Art Gallery – Blender 2.8 & Unity 3D

Have you checked out our latest videos on YOUTUBE ?

Our new installment covers both Blender 2.8 and Unity 3D game engine.
I am designing a Virtual Art Gallery for client sto walk around and enjoy other peoples art.

I will also be adding in lninks back to the arts website where the client will be able to buy the piece they were looking at.

Not only that but we’ll also be adding a camera facing billboard so the image is, well you guessed it, facing the camera.
Once the Virtual Art Gallery is comlete it will be export to HTML5 to be used on a website.

Come along for the ride, build as I build. If you don’t want to build why not subscribe to our PATRON page and download the models for your own use.

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