June 18, 2021

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Blender 2.8 Short Cut Keys

Blender 2.8, hopefully you are all now using the newest version and getting the most out of it.

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So today we are talking about shortcuts, let me tell you the main shortcuts I use with Blender

SHIFT A – To add a new object model.
A – Select All or Deselect All
B – Box Select
C – Circle select
E – Extrude
G – Move
K Knife
S – Scale
Tab – shift between Edit and Object
W – Bring up new function menu, Smooth, Subdivide
CTRL R – Select Loop/middle mouse scroll increases the loop cuts.
ALT LMB – Select Loop (face, edge, vertex)
X – Delete/dissolve
1 – Vertex Select
2 – Edge Select
3 – Face Select

Number pad keys – Camera select