June 18, 2021

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iClone Review

Iclone is a massive piece of software dedicated to animation storytelling, you are the director of your animation, you control the actors telling your story.
When I downloaded iClone I didn’t realise the enormity of the program you can literally go from facial expressions with the mouse moving eye brows, mouth, blinking to full on body movement.

You get characters with the software, you can also buy the character creature or get it free with one of Rellusions deals. Character creature will allow you to change pretty much anything on the avatar so you can create new people.
Reallusion has many add-ons for iclone so depending on how deep your pockets are will depend on what you get. If you are looking to export your character to another 3D software like Blender 3D, Maya, 3D Studio Max then you will need the Xchange add-on so you can export as an FBX of OBJ. There is even a plugin for Unreal Engine.

With regards to the motion there are various ways of doing this within iClone, you can select from one of the pre-made animations from standing idle to walking and booting down the door holding a gun action, you can also manually animate iclone characters frame by frame, if you have the time then give this ago.

One of the add-ons for iclone is mocap this is either from an Xbox kinect or motion live where you wear a body suit. Live motion is more detailed but obviously where there’s details there’s a price.
But as they say you only get what you pay for.



So what about getting your character to talk, again there are various ways of doing this:

  • Record Voice
  • Text-To-Speach
  • Audio File
  • Script File

I done audio file and was really impressed with this, the characters mouth was really quite in sync with he audio, you can also jump into the animation and change the what type of mouth movement goes with a particular word.

There is so much to do with iclone, you have the main menu’s content menu, modify menu and timeline menu, I would recommend downloading this and use the trial version.

You could create such a great animated film with Reallusion iclone and there are so many how to videos on You Tube you can’t go wrong.