June 18, 2021

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How to create a rug in Blender 2.83

Lets create a rug,why a rug?
Well sometimes a rug will finish off a scene, make a room look more homely of just generally keep your feet warm on a usually cold floor. 🙂

Our rug tutorial is a relatively easy thing to do, ensure you have the latest version of Blender 2.82, we have a video here if you prefer to watch https://youtu.be/2D6DXhIoydw

Alternatively for your ref I have also added a step by step guide on how to make this 3D rug below.

Create a cube

Example 1 x 2 x 0.05

Select all vertices on top then CTRL G

Name Vertice group and hit assign.

Img 1A

Check by selecting weight paint change from object mode to weight paint (img 1A) affected area should be red.

Img 1A

Go to the particles tab and Add Emitter – Hair -Tick advanced

Vertex groups change density to the group you created earlier so hair will only grow hair on that group.

Emission Tab – Change hair length to your desired length.

Physics tab – Forces – Brownian – 0.02 give it a bit of random curve.

Velocity tab – Randomize .02

Render – Path – Tick B-Spline

Children tab – select interpolate

Children tab – Clumping – Clump negative figure – Shape 0.104

Hair Shape: Dia root 0.2m – Tip –  0.03

Change number – 100000 depending on size (this will affect the speed of your computer ensure you save before changing this)

You can change the material in the Render tab.