One question I often see on forums or on social media sites is “How can I earn money from Blender 3D”.

So today I will cover Architectural Visualisations.

Blender 3D for Architecture is great, I currently work with a builder and architect to show off their designs to their clients.

Architectural visualisation is a great way to show your client the end result.

You will sometimes get a full architectural drawing and other times you may get a sketch depending on how far you are into the job, as log as there are dimensions you should be good to go, remember this is for visuals.

The work I have been doing is with oak structures, Blender 3D is advancing all the time, always new features being added. I always use Cycles to render the images, better quality image but you will find that your builder or architect will have a preference as to how they visualise your render and it’s not always how you see it, but remember customer is king!

Use HDRI for background/lighting, you can also use text coordinates to change where the light is coming from. You can also in the camera view use a background image then line the camera up correctly so you can superimpose the 3D building into the photo. I mainly cover external CGI but also offer internal were required and photomontage where you overlay CGI onto a photo but we’ll cover that another day.

This all sounds exciting great and is when you get your first few jobs through knowing that your 3D render is going to help win an order but please don’t think this is easy, one thing I will say is getting clients on side is not for the feint hearted, you will be cold calling and cold emailing just to get your first nibble, it’s not going to be easy by any means unless you network or know any architects or builders.

If this is the patch for your goodluck and I wish you well in your successes.

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