June 18, 2021

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Creating a Tree in 10 minutes

How can you create a tree in 10 minutes, easy just follow our VIDEO.

Below is also a step by step guide you can copy and paste into your own word pad for future use, aren’t I good to you.

I’ve also added the branches PNG file..


Create the Trunk

  • Start with a cylinder 6 side
  • Extrude loop cut edges out
  • Scale down the side edges
  • Split top with knife
  • Extrude top faces
  • Scale faces down every so often
  • Split the tree where we had the loop cut
  • Create more loop cuts for branches


Branches png

  • Images as planes, import your leaves/branch PNG
  • Add loop cuts on image around the png
  • Delete faces not needed
  • Randomly move the vertices on png
  • Set the origin point at bottom of image (Object Set Origin, Origin to 3D cursor) to


Selecting tree branch vertices

  • Vertices mode select outer branches CTRL G and click assign
  • Weight paint mode for tweaking


Emitter for png branches

  • Add Emitter and select hair
  • Emission – 10
  • Click advanced
  • Render – Choose Object – Branch
  • Select the vertex group we made


Emitter Rotation Tab

  • Rotation – Global Z
  • Randomize – 0.7
  • Phase – 0.6
  • Random phase – 0.7


Emitter Render Tab

  • Render- Scale Randomness 0.5