June 18, 2021

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How to overlay Blender into a photo

Ok, so I thought as well as the video I would add a post for how to do this.

Video can be seen HERE

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First of all, create your 3D object, you will also need to create a plane as this will be used to capture the shadow from your 3D object.

So here goes:

How to use a photo in the camera view:

  • Select Camera (in scene collection)
  • Object Data Properties (small green camera icon)
  • Tick Background Images
  • Click on Image and add your image

Next thing to do is Transparency:

  • Go to Render Properties ( looks like the back of a digital camera)
  • Film section
  • Tick Transparent

How to create the shadow catcher:

  • Ensure you are using cycles render as Eevee currently does not have this facility.
  • Select the plane
  • Object Properties (Orange square)
  • Visibility section.
  • Tick Shadow Catcher.

Now in order for the photo to be seen in the render you will need to do the following:

  • Select Use Nodes
  • Add – Color – Alpha Over
  • Add – Distort – Scale
    • Drop down box to Render Size
    • Select Crop
  • Input – Image
    • Drop down box select image
  • See image for linking.

Blender will render the 3D objects first then will add the photo in last so please don’t worry when you render and there is no background photo.